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Club Sports

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2019-2020 Club Sports Executive Board

President: Philip Lechner (Crew)
Vice-President: Neil Tramsen (Crew)
Treasurer: Jason Welling (Men's Lacrosse)
Secretary: Gustavo Capo (Men's Ultimate)
Graduate Student Rep: TBA



  Athletics for All

The Emory tradition of "Athletics for All" challenges and inspires the entire
University by providing an example of community building and balance of body, mind
and spirit.  The Department of Recreation & Wellness provides a
myriad of facilities and programs that promote the physical, emotional and social growth
of individuals through the enhancement of lifelong skills revolving around sustainable fitness and wellness principles. 
Our programs complement the mission of Emory University
and provide experiential learning and leadership opportunities for our students, faculty, staff and alumni.


Emory Club Sports Program Overview

A comprehensive Club Sports program is an integral part of campus recreation.  It bridges the gap between intramural sports activities and intercollegiate athletics.  Club Sports give Emory University’s community an opportunity to participate in competitive sport activities, improve skill levels, gain leadership experience, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship derived from sports involvement.

A Club Sport is a student-run organization that has been given a temporary or permanent charter from the Club Sports Council (CSC) in cooperation with the Department of Recreation & Wellness and the Student Government Association.  Club Sports are governed by the rules and regulations governing all student organizations under OSLS.

The Club Sports Executive Board and Recreation & Wellness administer the Club Sports Program.  The Assistant Director of Intramural & Club Sports is a full time staff member who reviews disbursement of funds, schedules facility space, and promotes the objectives of the program.  The key to the success of this program and each individual club is student leadership and participation.

Transgender Individuals' Participation in Intramural & Club Sports

Emory Recreation & Wellness recognizes and celebrates the transgender student population and encourages students to participate in intramural sports and club sports based on their expressed gender identity. 

Emory Intramural & Club Sports expects participation to be based on one’s self-identified gender and that is done in good faith and is consistent with a player’s expressed gender identity.

  • A participant’s gender identity will be applied when there are gender specific rules or player ratio requirements for co-rec divisions.
  • Transgender individuals may play on the team that best matches their gender identity.
  • Intramural & Club Sports staff will verify gender based on the participant’s self-identification and expressed gender identity, not purely on the sex indicated in official school records.
  • Emory Intramural & Club Sports recognizes that, for many, coming to know one’s gender identity is not something that happens in an instant; it is a complex process that can occur over an extended period of time.  Transgender participants are encouraged to communicate their gender identity with Intramural & Club Sports professional staff to ensure proper gender designation.  Should the player not feel comfortable working with Intramural & Club Sports staff, the individual can contact the Office of LGBT Life and inform them of their status.  Intramurals & Club Sports and the Office of LGBT Life staff will work together to ensure inclusivity for all participants.