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Mental Well-Being

The Wellness Program promotes mental wellbeing through tabling weekly at Wonderful Wednesday and hosting monthly events and workshops. Through these different channels, the Wellness Program provides students with information covering a variety of topics relating to mental health and wellbeing and equips them with skills to manage their stress. When planning upcoming workshops or events, we focus on major risk factors relating to stress for college students such as grades, money, and relationships. Often, Emory Wellness partners with CAPS for programming in order to ensure that students are given expert advice and are aware of all the campus resources available. 



The staff at CAPS knows that student life is a transitional period and can bring pressure and stress. They try to help students understand this period, find ways of coping with crises, and grow from their experiences. Free appointments are available to Emory students. An Emory student interested in arranging an appointment can call (404) 727-7450 or come to CAPS between 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. For more information visit: