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Recreation and Wellness

Our Vision

Emory Recreation & Wellness strives to instill the Emory Community with a passion for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle from the moment an individual arrives on campus.

Our Mission

Emory Recreation and Wellness empowers individuals to invest in the sustainable, holistic health and well-being of themselves and their communities through inclusive, integrated programming and promotion of physical activity.

Our Values

Emory Recreation & Wellness curriculum and programs emphasize four core values:

Holistic Health – Curriculum and programs focus on the whole person (mind-body-spirit) when engaging in physical activity

Lifetime Engagement – Based on experiential and theory-based approaches, Play Emory programs and services communicate the importance of being engaged in physical activity for a lifetime

Collaboration – Central to the success of Play Emory and unifying a community is the commitment to collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships between student groups as well as internal and external constituents

Inclusivity – Building unity and respect for individual needs and cultural differences through diverse and community oriented academic and recreation programs

Our Goals & Objectives

The goals of the program align with Emory University’s Vision and Mission as well as the Division of Campus Life and Athletics & Recreation:

Produce an education process through for-credit classes and non-credit programming that contributes to a broad definition of health and wellness across Healthy Emory

Lend students the opportunity to learn and explain how to engage in their campus community through initiating and advancing meaningful health and wellness activities themselves

Affect lifelong change for the student body and community members through experiential-based teaching and learning approaches in health and wellness

Yield research and education on Health and Wellness through Physical Activity’s impact on student development, student engagement, and student success.

Recreation & Wellness Inclusion Statement

In accordance with the University’s stance on non-discrimination and the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Emory Recreation & Wellness is committed to providing a fair and inclusive environment for all community members.  We strive to advocate and promote diversity and inclusion through our programs and provide health and wellness opportunities for everyone on campus. 

Emory University Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harrassment Policy

Emory University Office of Equity and Inclusion

Stuart Brown, M.D.

Play helps us deal with difficulties, provides a sense of expansiveness, promotes mastery of our craft, and is an essential part of the creative process. Most important, true play that comes from our own inner needs and desires is the only path to finding lasting joy and satisfaction in our work. In the long run, work does not work without play.