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Where can you swim in an Olympic-sized pool, climb a sheer rock wall, do the cha-cha, play a quick game of squash or racquetball, run a mile, powerlift, or ride a bicycle while watching television?

Where can you play b-ball on one of four basketball courts or volleyball on one of five courts? Or--if that's not enough--where can you start a pick-up game on one of twelve badminton courts?

The WoodPEC! That's where. And wait until you see what's outside!

About the WPEC

The George W. Woodruff Physical Education Center opened its doors to the Emory community in August of 1983. The $20 million physical education center was named in honor of Mr. George W. Woodruff, a well-known Atlanta engineer, businessman, corporate leader, philanthropist and trustee of the University, for his significant role in the transfer of the $105 million Emily and Ernest Woodruff Fund to Emory.

The Woodruff Physical Education Center is home to Emory Recreation & Wellness and Intercollegiate Athletics. Emory has hosted numerous special events, including University Athletic Association (UAA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship athletic events, the Georgia State Special Olympics, the National Transplant Games, the National Veterans' Wheelchair Games, President Clinton's Address, 1996 Olympic Training, and much more.

Emory Recreation & Wellness provides opportunities in club sports, credit and non-credit instructional classes, fitness classes, intramural sports, personal training, rock climbing, special events and more.

The Woodruff Physical Education Center is located at 26 Eagle Row, Atlanta GA 30322.