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Instructional Classes

As a new offering under Emory Fitness, our non-credit instructional classes are based upon a learning progression through each semester.  We will continue to grow and offer other classes as the program develops! 

Upcoming Classes/Certifications:

10 week Self Defense Premium Instructional Class - Spring 2019

Begins January 25th, 2019

Cost: Single Participant $15, Bring a friend to train with and pay $20 (only $10 per person)

Time/Location: Friday's 5:00pm - 6:00 pm in the WPEC Multipurpose Room (2nd floor)

***No Class during mid-term week***

I have studied martial arts off and on for nearly 30 years beginning with Isshin-ryu as a freshman at Ga Tech. I was awarded my first belt stripe after I successfully defended myself and a date from an attacker off campus. Later I took classes again in Aikido and due to my prior exposure I was able to assist beginning students in the exercises and techniques. Currently, I have attained the rank of brown belt in American Kenpo which is the beginning instructor level. I also study Modern Arnis, a Filipino stick fighting style, and Combat Hapkido, a defensive fighting style that focuses on controlling an opponent with force redirection, joint locks and leverage. As the news of the attacks on women at and around Emory began to circulate, I decided it was time to make what I know available to people who are the least likely to have this knowledge and the most in need of it. While I focus on providing defensive techniques for women, all the techniques are equally effective for men as well. I've been teaching classes, seminars and workshops specifically tailored for self-defense for the past year now at Emory University. I am an apprentice black belt.

- Jim Kinney, Self Defense Instructor

For more information on registration contact Brandon Fain


Lifeguard Class

Click here to view the Lifeguarding Course Information Sheet.